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Providing Peer Support For Adults
A program provided by the
Children's Bereavement Center

Lift From Loss provides Peer Support Groups at no cost to Participants.

True Support Comes From Understanding

When you lose a loved one, simple phrases don't mean a thing.
Don't you want more than just hearing that it will be ok from someone who doesn't understand your grief?
Don't you wish for a place that offers more than sharing your emotions with someone who doesn't reciprocate?
A counselor might advise you on how to heal, but sometimes advice is not what you're looking for.

Sometimes, you just want someone who understands. Someone who's been there.

Sassine Family

Lift From Loss Is Not...

Therapy! Lift from Loss is not therapy, but extremely therapeutic. It is being supported by a group of your peers who have also lost someone and understand your emotions.
A recovery system. There are no steps, stages or levels, just open ended discussions helping you cope at your own pace.
Prescriptive. We don't tell you how to heal because you are not sick. Loss is something that happened to you, not something wrong with you.
A business. Lift from Loss is non-profit and all sessions are free of charge.

I don't know what to feel. I feel so alone and lost. When will I feel like me again?

Lift From Loss Is...

A resource for college students and young adults and older adults who have experienced a loss due to death.
Driven by you. All facilitators are experienced and trained in the CBC Healthful Grieving Model, but groups are directed by you and your peers.
Uplifting. It's comforting and uplifting, being with others who 'get it.' The experience of camaraderie helps to eliminate feelings of isolation.
Empowering. The group dynamic helps individuals to regain a sense of control and hope while overcoming despair.
Supportive. The Group is ongoing. Grief is unique to each person, so length of participation is up to you.

There is no right way to grieve. There is no wrong way to grieve. There is no time limit or time frame. We all do it differently and we have to do it at our own pace.
Group Support

Lift From Loss groups provide peer support, education, and advocacy. Lift From Loss does not engage in clinical therapy.

So many people tell us to get over is, but we don't. As time goes by the pain becomes softer and we learn to live again... but we are not the same person we were before.

Lift From Loss for Younger Adults Group Calendars
UM - St. Bede
Broward - NOVA Mailman Segal Center

Lift From Loss for Older Adults Group Calendars
Temple Judea (Coral Gables)
Temple Beth Sholom (Miami Beach)


To register for an Orientation, call the CBC Office at 305.668.4902.

The Children's Bereavement Center and Lift From Loss are grateful to St. Bede Episcopal Chapel on University of Miami, NOVA Mailman Segal Center, Temple Judea, and Temple Beth Sholom for donating space for our groups.
phone: 305.668.4902
fax: 305.669.9110

Lift From Loss is a division of Children's Bereavement Center Peer Support Groups.

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7600 S. Red Road, Suite 307
South Miami, FL 33143

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